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If you are like most people, your personal image is important to you. At Creative Cosmetics, we work with you to enhance the way you feel about yourself.


What is Permanent Makeup and why would I consider it?

Permanent Makeup is the process of applying micro insertions of pigment into the dermal layer of skin.


People who choose Permanent Makeup are:

•  Men as well as women

•  Busy people with little time to apply makeup

•  People with allergies to conventional makeup

•  Those physically incapable of applying makeup

•  Burn survivors and people with flawed skin

•  Those seeking to correct asymmetrical facial features

•  Models, actors and entertainers

•  Those who desire a freedom from applying makeup

•  Individuals with oily skin who tends to shed makeup easily

•  Athletes


Creative Cosmetics was founded in July of 1997. Barbara is a Licensed Certified Permanent Makeup Technician. Creative Cosmetics is a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.  Barbara also specializes in 3D areola reconstruction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a Permanent Makeup Technician?

When choosing a technician, make sure the technician asks you to come in for a consultation. A consultation is very important because the technician will explain all aspects of the procedure, perform an allergy test, answer any questions you have, go over your medical history and make sure you have a solid understanding of both the pro's and con's of Permanent Makeup. While you are at the clinic, make sure you are comfortable in their facility. Is the facility clean? Are they Board of Health certified? What type of needles do they use and are they sterile? Are they licensed by a certified school? Do they have a portfolio for you to look through? Look at the technician's permanent does it look? It is important to have the technician demonstrate, with topical make-up, how the permanent make-up will look.


If the makeup is permanent, why would I need a touchup?

Touchups are provided primarily for two reasons. The first reason is for the purpose of perfecting procedures. Second, color can fade due to many factors, including over-exposure to the sun, a person's own body chemistry, and the degree of care taken to maintain the work. Any process involving the skin including facials, peels, or certain medications such as Acutane can adversely affect color integrity. Color is injected in molecules and the molecules remain in the skin permanently. Even when you hear about removals via laser, the pigment molecules remain in the skin but the color has been bleached, which is the same thing that happens, to a much lesser degree, from exposure to the sun.


Is it painful?

Clients will often compare the pain to tweezing. There are many topical, over the counter anesthetics used. The technician should start with a pre-procedure anesthetic that is placed on the area before being worked on. This will limit the pain associated with the first needle pass. Once the skin has been broken, a second application of stronger anesthetic is placed on the area. Any small amount of discomfort a person feels will soon be forgotten. How long does each procedure take? It depends on what you are having done. Generally, the initial procedure will take approximately 1 to 2 ½ hours. Touchup procedures usually do not require as much time.


How much does it cost?

The average cost per procedure varies, but usually averages between $400-$800. Work performed from physician's offices may be charged at higher rates. The cost of the procedure should not be the most important concern when consulting a potential technician. Most importantly should be the training, skill and professionalism of the technician. Often times, you get what you pay for.

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