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Electrolysis using a sterile probe is the most effective and established method of permanent hair removal for grey, blonde and red hair.  Electrolysis is an FDA proven method for eliminating smaller areas of hair concerns.


During the process of electrolysis, a very fine probe is inserted into a hair follicle. This activates an electric current that destroys the papilla by traveling through the needle to the root of the hair. As a result, the papilla becomes cauterized and the follicle no longer produces hair.


Each client receives an individual IB Probe. Unlike regular "straight needles", the IB Probe has insulation along its shaft. This keeps discharge of electric current from appearing on the shaft. The current is able to concentrate at the tip, where the IB Probe approaches the papilla. The tip of the IB Probe is non-insulated and slightly thicker than the insulated shaft. This ensures that contact between the IB Probe tip and papilla occurs. It also assures that the IB Probe will not pierce the skin and can only enter the skin at the opening of the hair follicle.


Overall, this procedure is an efficient permanent hair removal method, with minimal discomfort and no risk of tissue damage.

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